I am Kevin. My Instagram handle is barkmanwandering, I guess that sums me up pretty well. I am a third culture kid who had lived in 35 houses by the time I graduated highschool and I think I am closer to 40 by now. South America, Central America, North America, Asia – been there, done that. I lived in the Philippines last of all, but my passport(s) are from the Pan America region. 

I am a passionate person who loves to travel and learn and explore. I am always on the outside of situations, but I always try to make others feel on the inside. I hope my writing reflects that. I explore all kinds of themes from loss and grief, the complexity of being human, to the mess of not having a culture of my own. 

If you wonder about my everyday life you can also check out kevinbarkmanbadminton.com – I play professional badminton at the moment as well as going to school and working. Badminton is an avenue for me to travel and explore the world while still having some purpose. 

I hope you enjoy wandering this journey with me. I really hope you will comment and give your thoughts as well. We are all on this crazy ride together, why not share experiences? 


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