I wrote this last year for finals, and since finals are approachingagain I thought I would repost because I still get a kick out of exam time. 

It is exam time. That means milkshakes and coffee, pajama clothed students wandering the halls with bloodshot eyes and bed heads. The aesthetic of professionalism, of higher learning, is replaced by an over all negligence of personal hygiene and common self care. Students who have spent the semester in hightop shoes, skinny jeans and slicked back hair are suddenly seen walking aimlessly in socks and sandals, and any semblance of what used to be a nice hairdo are long gone, only the leftover caked gel in their hair shows that they ever cared. The library, formerly full of diligent students poring over books and writing careful notes, is now full of the zombie population of the campus. Empty coffee cups, energy drinks, and scattered notes clutter the tables, while students lay snoring on the couches. 
Why? Because, acedemics are graded by this one final exam that you prepare for all semester. An exam that once it approaches you feel totally unprepared for. Your value as a human falls to a simple three hour section where you are crammed in a white walled room with three hundred other students with a few sheets of paper and a couple hundred questions. It’s the one place in the world where everyone’s worth is decided by questions that one man or woman find relevant. 
When you walk out your door and see a hapless student wandering with bags under their eyes, a half open backpack, and holding a half eaten snickers bar, don’t judge. This student is about to face a gavel that no human is ever prepared for. Finals. 


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