You would think atmosphere would breed creativity. It breeds thought after all. Or at the very least the strong emotion of feeling like you are thinking deeply. Perhaps it does. I can feel a story sticking to my tongue, right between the bitter aftertaste of black coffee and the tangy taste of cooped up hotel room air. There is the looming approach of change and deadlines hanging over my head, and that always feels somewhat like inspiration. But alas, none of these are truly creativity or originality leaking through the hotel room atmosphere. 

Unfortunately for me the buzz of the AC, no matter how soothing hasn’t given me enough inspiration to write any of the three papers that are due this week. Instead it has instilled in me the greatest desire to nap. The greatest work I feel currently ready to accomplish is that of rising to make another cup of coffee. 

One more cup of coffee it is, and then off to bed to let this cold air drag me into the depths of sleep. Creativity will come tomorrow, after another hard day of work and stress. Originality never comes without a little dying first anyway, and atmosphere alone won’t take me there. 


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